Vantec EZSWAP Removable hard drive bracket for IDE and SATA drives

Vantec removable hard drive brackets - LCD display - black

Vantec removable hard drive brackets - No LCD display - white


MRK-102FDB Black IDE 133 133MB/sec LCD Display*
MRK-102FDS Silver IDE 133 133MB/sec LCD Display*
Black IDE133 133MB/sec No LCD Display
MRK-200STB Black SATA150 150MB/sec LCD Display*

* LCD displays fan status, uptime and temperature

What is a Hard Drive Mobile Rack?

The HDD mobile rack is a device allows you to transfer hard drive from one system to another. Most people wish that their computer at home would be the same as the computer at work. They could have access to all their same files and programs; and also be able to have their own personal settings and wallpaper intact. However, transferring hard drives is a painstaking task, which factors in data protection and also security. The solution to this seems to be the introduction of removable hard drive racks, where a user can take out the hard drive stored in the rack and put it into another computer which contains a hard drive rack.

The removable drive rack also allows higher security where data and computer theft is possible. By locking the drive seperately from the computer safeguards your data from thieves, hackers and corporate spies each time you leave your desk unattended for any extended period of time.

EZSWAP IDE - The 102FD and MRK-103F IDE133 series

Vantec EZ-Swap removable hard drive racks allow users to add inexpensive and easy protection to critical data on IDE hard drives. Just simply enjoy the convenience of swappable drives that Vantec EZ Swap removable hard drive rack brings to you.

Vantec EZ Swap is made from aluminum with a rear fan to dissipate heat faster. It is compatible with IDE drives. A Secure key lock design to protects your personal data. MRK-102FD has LCD display with fan-fail and over-heat alarm features.

IDE Interface
Aluminum Casing
Easy 3 Steps Key Lock
Support ATA 133 MB/Sec Data Transfer rate
40mm Rear Cooling Fan
Power/HDD Access Indicator

The 102FD additional features:
LCD displays temperature, fan status, uptime

About SATA EZ-Swap:
Unlike standard IDE hard drives, Serial ATA (SATA) hard drives feature faster speeds, easier configuration, and the ability to change hard drives without having to turn your system off first. Thus, Vantec introduces the Serial ATA EZ-Swap Mobile Rack. The SATA EZ-Swap Mobile Rack combines the features of our IDE EZ-Swap with the convenience of SATA. The SATA EZ-Swap is hot swappable, features a keyed lock for security, a built-in fan for cooling, and a built-in LCD that display hard drive up-time, temperature, and fan status.

Compatible With 3.5" SATA Hard Drives (HDD)
Swap HDDs w/o Turning Off Or Opening Your PC
Aluminum Case w/ Additional Cooling
Temperature Display w/ Alarm
SATA Interface
Blue LCD Display
Anti-Dust Hard Drive Casing
Easy And Secure Three-Step Key Lock.
Up To 150 MB/sec Data Transfer Rate
40mm Rear Cooling Fan
Power/HDD Access Indicator

Plastic and Aluminum alloy
148.0 x 42.0 x 235.5mm
117.0 x 35.0 x 216.0mm (Cartridge only)
750g (Full Kit)
420g (Cartridge only)

Specifications and prices are subject to change without notice.
Available in South Africa

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