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Specifications for CH-LT1BN

Lian-li pc-T1 spider - mini-itx test bench

CH-LT1BN Gallery image 1 [Size: 800 (W) x 800 (H)]  

Lian-li pc-T1 spider - mini-itx test bench / open to air chassis , Black , No psu ( use optional standard psu ) , adjustable 4x lags + mb tray , made in Taiwan , hairline brush anodized aluminum ,with cable management clamp - 1x slim 5.25", 1x 3.5" , support 1 x 120/140mm optional fan - only for mini-itx


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Quality is one of the key elements of lian li's products. Lian li has been manufacturing in taiwan for more than 20 years and through continual self revision has ensured that the product's quality meets lian li's high quality workmanship standards. Lian li manufactures each unit of lian li product with precision and care. They are then distributed to worldwide channels where many leading media have applauded and awarded lian li for both innovative and decisive designs, featuring good looks, and exemplary performance.

Lian li launched new mini-itx spider test bench chassis in 2010, designed for users with taste who also need more living space. T1 is made in taiwan, in high quality aluminum alloy panel and unique technique which developed from twenty years experience. Hand built, durable high-quality product in high standard craftsmanship.

Lian li fine craftmanship product
T1 is a mini-itx spider test bench, four lags and m/b tray's angle are all adjustable for hardware display and it absolutely catch people's eyes.

To ensure user can put everything together easily, lian li designer decided to use only standard pc component inside the t1, 5.25” slim cd-rom, standard 3.5” hard drives, standard atx ps/2 power supply units. The parts are easy to get on current market, and it would be easy to upgrade and server in the future.


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Product Code CH-LT1BN
Dimensions (W) 227mm
(H) 272mm
(D) 345mm
Front bezel Material None
Color Silver
Side Panel None
Body Material Aluminum
Net Weight 1.08 Kg
5.25" drive bay (External) 5.25-inch Silm ODD x 1
3.5" drive bay (External) None
HDD bay 1
Expansion Slot None
Motherboard Mini-ITX
System Fan (Front) None
System Fan (Top) None
System Fan (Rear) None
I / O Ports None
Maximum Video Card Size None
Package Dimensions (W) 280mm
(H) 82mm
(D) 228mm
Gross Weight Kg

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