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K658 Fifine Mic K658 USB Dynamic with Shock Mount - RGB



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inc. VAT

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Fifine Mic K658 USB Dynamic with Shock Mount - RGB
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Headsets microphones


K658 information and overview
Fifine Mic K658 USB Dynamic with Shock Mount - RGB, Cardioid polar pattern, USB Type-C (Mic end) to Type-A 2.0 (Computer end), USB power

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Specifications & more information about K658, Headsets microphones manufactured by Fifine
Specifications available as a download K658 specifications Adobe PDF and printable version
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  FIFINE K658 USB Dynamic Cardioid Microphone with A Live Monitoring, Gain Control, Mute Button
  • For background-noises-free streaming
  • Rainbow way RGB with on/off switch
  • Works with Windows, Mac, PS4/5
  • Touch sensitive mute & volume dial
  • Real-time low-noises monitoring
  • All-metal body & stand
  • View more details below

Can a USB dynamic mic earn a place in your studio?
  • It is built to be used right off the bat. The USB setup will swiftly carry you away from the XLR-absence regret, for its plug-and-play convenience on Windows, Mac and even a Play Station console. And the compatibility does not end there, with a USB adapter, it can also up your game on an Android, iPhone and iPad.
  • Whats more, a proper dynamic microphone with the least expensive price tag is around 60 bucks, but when bringing together the necessary add-on, the total is more than $100 . And if you prefer a standalone shape of mic that gives you more presence, the price may go up to double of a K658 .
  • You do not have to treat it like something fragile. For its proper metal construction, it can be the workhorse for your everyday tasks. With an included mini tripod, you do not have to cram the backpack with a heavy podcast stand if you take the mic out for an on-the-go recording. Though we highly recommend a scissor arm stand for use with the mic in the home studio.
How to raise eyebrows? With lights!
  • What differs you from the rest if all of you stream the same game? You have to be swagger to draw attention. At least, you really should not be understated, which may restrain the inspiration of your content creation. Then this mic with a giant volume dial will fit in the swagger presence perfectly.
  • If the dot thing seems underwhelming to you as a pro streamer, the RGB lights will do the trick and get its gaming act together. They do no just shine on the dial but glow on the shock mount. Yes, you hear us right, the mic comes with its own shock mount.
  • And what really good is that the light does not emit from the shock mount but is reflected! The RGB sources are actually hiding underneath the mic. In practical terms, it is eye-catching but does not strain your eyes nor wastes extra power to turn the lights on. If it is not appropriate for some scenario, you can shut it down by press the on/off button at the back of the mic.
  • Doubtlessly at first glance, the RGB grabs all your attention, from where the function of this shock mount was neglected. But it will earn its reputation back when it comes to absorbing bumping sounds. Because the rumblings get even worse on a dynamic microphone for it is sensitive to low-energy frequency. And the shock mount is here to help get rid of those noises!
Let all guns blaze
  • Metal Construction
  • Microphone Control
  • Quick Mute Button
  • High-end Clarity
  • Low-latency Monitoring
  • RGB On/Off Switch
  • It is as quiet as a common dynamic, but not that quiet to make an external preamp necessary for getting some decent volume of sound. If you have not got used to leaning close to a microphone, the FIFINE's best trick - high-end clarity will have you covered. But anyway, it is always good to keep a consistent 5 inches talking distance to whatever mic you use.
  • The capsule is not see-through until you unscrew the pop filter screwed on the top. It is still well protected by a metal mesh top. And there is quite some distance from the top of the mic to the capsule, plus the attached pop filter, the plosives reduction is off the scale. As a result, it makes up a bit for the shortfall of speaking too close to a dynamic microphone.
  • Given all these features, it will immensely raise your game! Noise rejection is the Ace, complimented with the interface-like controls, you are about to win in every application that you use this mic.
  • The noise rejection is so great that even if you move off-axis there not much background sound will be picked up. The foreseeable result is that your voice may get muffled a little bit, but the impact can be hugely minimized with this K658 for its on-body volume dial.
  • A mute button literally should mute the mic in silence, but many on the market fail to do so. Not the one on this FIFINE K658! It gently cuts the mic off without any noticeable noises to your streaming.
  • You get the benefits of a dynamic microphone but without the drawback of spending the extra. There is no need for a preamp or an audio interface because both have been built into this mic without losing many of their merits. You still have a doggone size volume dial, which also serves as a mute button, as well as a low-latency headphone monitoring.
  • The headphone jack does offer a pretty low-latency monitoring. And you will hear footsteps clearly and timely in your FPS games, missing not a single valuable audio information.
The all-time best all-rounder of FIFINE
  • The tight radio sound is what podcasters look for. In the ears of a musician, it may tend towards slightly boomy. But the FIFINE-characterized clarity bring the tone back on course, thus the overall result is still a balanced-sounding mic. For gaming, who can have a noise-free live is much easier to get into the streamers' popular list. In a nutshell, the lacking of high pass/low-pass filter will not dent its appeal, you will be happy with its performance in almost every application.


©2022 Respective owners and brand holders. This table has been carefully researched and generated by ComXpert International CC (//www.comx-computers.co.za), however, errors and omissions may occur. Only references to South Africa apply. All products are sourced in South Africa from the official suppliers and the warranty is that of the local supplier. E&OE. This table and our site's content may be used on condition that this notice and link remains intact and unaltered.
Product CodeK658spacer
Polar PatternCardioid
Output ConnectionUSB type-C (mic end) to type-A 2.0 (computer end)
Power ConsumptionUSB power
(Voltage: 4.75V-5.25V, Current: 55mA-180mA)
Shipping Weight1.0 kg
Microphone Performance
Bit Depth/Sample Rate16-bit/48kHz
Frequency Response70Hz-15kHz
S/N Ratio≥-70dBA
Max. SPL110 dB
Sensitivity-50±3dB (at 1kHz)
Equivalent Noise-77dB
(Microphone control at 100%, software input at 11dB)
, ©2022 ComXpert International CC


The best price and guaranteed service and backup from official computer suppliers in South Africa for the K658 Fifine Mic K658 USB Dynamic with Shock Mount - RGB.
The Fifine K658 Fifine Mic K658 USB Dynamic with Shock Mount - RGB is available for R 1525. The product is sold by ComX Computers as new. Prices are valid today 2022-07-04 (before , by quote, while stocks last). The product is expected to be in stock, although this is not guaranteed.

Available from this online computer store delivering door-to-door in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Pretoria, Pietermaritzburg, Polokwane, Durban and all over South Africa.

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