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Asus X299 Tuf Mark1 X299 Chipset LGA 2066 (kabylake-X) Motherboard

Asus X299 Tuf Mark1 X299 Chipset LGA 2066 (kabylake-X) Motherboard

Asus X299 Tuf Mark1 all-in-one LGA 2066 (kabylake-X) Motherboard - support 128Gbps VRoC (Virtual RAID on CPU) + Optane 3D-Xpoint dimm when using Kabylake, with 3D-printing-friendly design for various add-on parts + Aura Sync + TUF Fortifier + Thermal Armor with Flow Valve + detachable TUF metal badge + QLED boot indicators + TUF decetive 2 mobile APP + Thermal Radar3 + TUF military-standard Components (10K Ti-Caps + alloy choke & MOSFET) + ESD guard-2 (6x dedicated TVS protections for USB/audio/LAN/Display) + 40mm assistant Fans + Mem!ok button + USB BioS Flashback + DirectKey for direct BIOS access, 8+2 phase power design, with FBT+ SRT+ SCT+ RRT+ SBA+ Rapid Storage + Rapid Start Technology - Intel X299 Chipset, 8x dual channel DDR4-4133(O.C)/2666 with XMP support up to 128Gb, 8x SATA6G + 2x 32Gb/sec M.2/NGFF type2280 (PCIe or SATA or Optane mode) SSD socket with raid 0/1//0+1/5/10, SupremeFX DTS ALC S1220A 7.1 audio with optical s/pdif out (TUF audio with audio shielding + de-pop circuit + dedicated L/R track layer) + dual Intel Gigabit LAN (i219V + i211-AT); 2x pci-e(4x), 1x pci-e(1x), 3x pci-e 3.0 (16x) for Quad-GPU SLi/CrossfireX, with 1x USB 3.1 type-A + 1x USB 3.1 type-C + 4x USB 3.0 + 4x USB2.0, support optional serial port add-on cable - ATX

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