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LED Lights / eco lighting


LED Lights / eco lighting sales South Africa

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Latest LED Lights / eco lighting

LED Lights

LED Lights are energy saving lights. The different LED lights do come in a number of different connector types.

LED Bulbs

Replace any 40 - 100W Incandescent Light Bulb with these longest lasting LED Light bulbs. Save as much as 90% off your electrical bills for years to come!

LED Down-lights

2 to 10W LED downlights replace those expensive to run 30-50W Halogens. There are multiple colour warmth options, socket types. Dim-able down-lights are available but they work differently and cannot use a standard dimmer.

LED Floodlights

Replace energy hungry Halogen, Metal Halide & High Pressure Sodium floodlights with ultra bright, weather-proofed & affordable LED Floodlights.

LED Strip Lights

Beautiful for setting the mood or industrial lighting, LED Strip Lights are easy to install and come in multiple colours, waterproofing and 12V power supplies.

LED Tubes

Ultra energy efficient and long lasting fluorescent and CFL tube replacements with over 50,000 hr life spans.

Light colour temperatures

Warm White

A warm white light is slightly yellow and is easy on the eyes, and is popular for indoor use. Popular rooms for warm lights are bedrooms, lounges and dining rooms.

Cool White

Cool white lights are bright, white / blue lights and are popular for indoor and outdoor use. Great places for cool lights are the bathroom, kitchen, corridor and the outdoors.

Neutral white

Neutral is the colour that sits in the middle of the Warm White and Cool White placing on the Kelvin scale at 4000K. This colour is a white light that doesn't suffer from other colours bleeding into it such as red or blue. Neutral white is a great option if you feel that Warm White is too yellow and cool white it too bright or too blue. It is easy on the eyes and is very bright. Neutral white are not available in all the LED light options.

LED colour temperature

How much do I save by using LED lights?

How much electricity does LED lights save compared to incandescent bulbs?

Save up to 90%

You save up to 90% of electricity by using LED instead of incandescent lights (Wire element inside an inert gas filled bulb, or a vacuum).

LED / fluorescent / Halogen bulb replacements show the Lumens (brighness), as well as the equivalent fluorescent bulb brightness, on the packaging (or in the specs).

Buy according to Lumens, not Wattage.

 You use to buy these
 Brightness in Lumens
You buy these LED
 < 40W < 450Lm <4W
 40W 450Lm 4 - 8W
 60W 800Lm 9 - 11W
 75W 1100Lm 12 - 16W
 100W 1600Lm 17 - 24W
 150W 2600LM 25 - 32W
  • To replace a 100 watt (W) incandescent bulb, look for a bulb that gives you about 1600 lumens. If you want something dimmer, go for lower lumens; if you prefer brighter light, look for higher lumens.

LED lights range from 17W to 24W for an equivalent brightness of 1600lumens to replace a 100W bulb. The usage is therefore far less by an amount of 76% to 83%. Buy by Lumens and not wattage, there are a number of differences between each type of different light that changes this saving.

How much do I save by using CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lights) lights?

How much electricity does LED lights save compared to CFL lights?

Save up to 75%

CFL uses about 75% less electricity than incandescent bulb lights.Buy according to Lumens, no Wattage.

 You use to buy these
 Brightness in Lumens
 You buy these CFL
 150W 2600 Lm
 32 - 35 W
 100W 1600 Lm
 23 - 26W
 75W 1100 Lm
 18 - 22W
 60W 800 Lm
 13 - 15W
 40W 450 Lm
 9 - 11W

How much do I save by using Halogen lights?

How much electricity does Halogent lights save compared to incandescent bulbs?

Save up to 30%

Halogen lights can be used where LED light or CFL are not available or suitable, such as in tight spaces where an LED or CFL would be too large. They offer 30% electricity saving over incandescent lights.

 You use to buy these
 Brightness sin Lumens
 You buy these Halogen
 150W 2600Lm 90W
 100W 1600Lm 72W
 75W 1100Lm 53W
 60W 800Lm 43W
 40W 450Lm 29W

How long before I need to replace my LED light?

The lifespan of an LED is 25,000 hours. A normal incandescent lamp is 1200hours. LEDs lasts 20.8 times longer.

How long before I need to replace my CFL light?

The lifespan of an LED is 8,000 hours. A normal incandescent lamp is 1200hours. LEDs lasts 6.7 times longer.

How long before I need to replace my Halogen light?

The lifespan of a halogen is 985-1,250 hours. A normal incandescent lamp is 1200hours. Halogen have similar life spans to incandescent lights.

A sample of LED Lights / eco lighting that this computer shop has on offer

  • LFL20W
    Noble Pays 20watt Led Floodlight
  • SOL-T01
    Solarix Rechargeable Camping LED Light Bulb
  • SOL-JT-BJ400W-TZ
    Solarix Jortam 400w Solar Flood Lamp With Solar Panel
  • AC16116
    Noble Osram Daylight 9w E27 LED Lamp
  • YLYTD-0015
    Yeelight YLYTD-0015 Rechargeable Monitor light bar
  • YLBGD-0046
    Yeelight Motion Sensor Closet Light - 60cm
  • GC-CRL
    Elgato 10LAC9901 Ring Light
  • LIGEM5
    Noble Pays Rechargeable Emergency LED Light Bulb With Battery
    Noble Pays Rechargeable Emergency LED Light Bulb With Battery
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